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It would be great if this was just a temporary situation, but as I have written about previously, there will never be enough jobs in America ever again.
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One of her most notable relationships was in fact with David Moscow, the child actor who starred in PNP/We’re sorry, but we couldn’t help ourselves but to slip in Ms.

Robin Givens into this slideshow after Mike Tyson revealed his ex-wife’s swirl secret.

( -- Chris Rock is an Emmy-winning comedian, devoted husband and loving father --but it's time to get to know a new side of this funnyman. It's a detour he took after an innocent carpool ride left Rock with an idea he just couldn't shake.

"I was with my daughter one day, and we're in the car and she's with one of her friends in the back seat, a little white friend," he says. What Rock discovered is a billion industry that affects the daily activities, wallets, self-esteem -- and even the sex lives -- of black women.

"She was just kind of raving about her friend's hair a little too much for my comfort [saying]: 'You've got great hair. "If I would have really reacted, then she would have a complex about her hair." Still, Rock couldn't let it go. Because women spend so much time and money on their hair, Rock says men are forced to adopt a hands-off policy. You are conditioned not to even go there," he says.

Oh, your hair's so good.'" Not wanting to make her comments a big deal, Rock says he tried to play his them off. "When I was a dating guy, I dated women from different races.

Though the two got their co-habitating on, their relationship ultimately came to an end. , Alice Walker made a name for herself in a slightly different way.

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Though Diana had been involved with her boss, Berry Gordy, for years, in the early 1970s, Ross married white music exec Robert Ellis Silberstein. Easy, Goldberg has been married to three white men: Lyle Trachtenberg, David Claessen and Alvin Martin.

Though the marriage ended nine years later, Walker did give birth to daughter Rebecca in 1969 and started a phenomenal career that continues today.

Judy Eddy / WENN Part of the new wave of social activism among African-American celebrities and a vocal supporter of President Barack Obama, Kerry Washington was definitely one we were surprised to learn had seemingly only dipped her toe into the interracial waters.

Sharon Leal hasn’t been afraid to explore new territory when it comes to her love life.

This beauty is no stranger to a little blue-eyed loving and has been spotted out and about with dancer and choreographer Paul Becker.