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Dating the age of tires

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Fortunately, tire manufacturers give the game away by stamping a date code in the tire sidewall.

This is in the form of three numbers, for example '475' on the sidewall of a Dunlop K70 on my 1970 Bonneville.

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The good news then, for northern climes, is that the process of deterioration may typically take longer than it does in Arizona.

These characters are usually preceded by ' DOT' and a bunch of other letters. Before 2000 the date is indicated by two numbers for the week and one for the year in the decade.

In the case of my 475 Bonnie hoop, the tire was made in week 47 of 1995.

This was my decision, and your mileage may vary: but I was prepared to chance a possible rear tire blowout, and definitely not risk a similar situation at the front. And though most of the major manufacturers have now stopped using waxy mold release agents, the surface of a new tire will still take a few tens of miles to achieve maximum grip.

That said, the plug in the rear tire was in the back of my mind all the time I was riding.