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Anyways, here’s a recipe for a soba noodle salad that's so dope that it’s a worthy steal from the shared fridge. How the fuck is Nature’s Valley still putting crumbs in bags and selling them as breakfast bars?

Shit is disrespectful and a dry sponge would taste better than those crumb catastrophes. Perfect for on-the-go snacking and packed with fiber, these sweet sons of bitches won’t ever let you down. And why are we importing condiments from this sketchy-ass place?

Don’t trust some store-bought dressing with hidden ingredients, make your own shit. #itsbeen Don’t spend your Memorial Day weekend letting your creepy uncle serve limp hot dogs and hockey puck hamburgers.

Instead, whip up a batch of BBQ Bean Sliders with Celery Seed Slaw from our book TK2: Party Grub (LINK) and show people you’ve got some goddamn standards. Here’s the recipe for the grilled corn AKA elotes because we can’t just leave you hanging like that. Once upon a time, some motherfuckers were all, “We like cake and milk, but who has the time for both?

It’s a ton, to be sure, but it’s not Vanderbilt money.

For a more precise calculation, however, you have to account for inflation, which reduces your purchasing power over time.

i’m going to stay live here on the comments for the next hour or so to discuss with anyone who wants to. AMANDA PALMER & JHEREK BISCHOFF – MOTHER i think this is the best video i’ve ever made. 21 general admission Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley’s NEW YEAR’S EVE PHANTASMAGORIA with This Way to the Egress and special guests: Lacy Rose, Alaina Ferris and Kalan Sherrard doors 8 pm, performances at 9 pm.

Why do coworkers always ask what you ate for lunch? Yes my lunch was much better than yours, you nosey motherfucker.The freedom to retire at any time is a far more flexible proposition than owning your own business.Like most vulgar expressions of the more decorous—at least publicly—pre-Internet era, the phrase’s origin is difficult to ascertain.Google Books, which searches an extensive digitized catalog, shows a printed debut in 1971 in , a book by Earl Wilson, a gossip columnist who was known for exposing JFK’s broad interpretation of his marital vows.Wilson, like Johnny Carson, pegs its origin to showbiz and names perhaps the earliest adopter as none other than comedian Red Buttons. Froug mentions his colleague Walter Newman’s belief that “keeping his overhead to a minimum gains him the freedom that every writer the world over longs for.To drop an f-bomb on an employer sounds like a luxury, but it might not be the long shot it seems.