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Middle school dating timline

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The problem of language is ignored in the film, having a French speaking character.

In the novel, however, it is stated that -as in reality- people in 1357 did not speak modern English or French, but Occitane, a language which Marek is fluent in, according to the book.

These limitations not only affect students’ grasp of history topics; they may also restrict students’ engagement in critical analysis.

As a recent middle school study found, "Without proper background knowledge, students have difficulty developing the contexts for historical thinking" (3).

Crichton's book has well fleshed out, if somewhat annoying characters, more-or-less believable relationships, solid pseudo-physics, solid pseudo-history and at its core a good 'what-if? There are enough extraneous bits to the story to allow it to be pared down to a good 2-hr movie without damaging the basic story or premise.

The movie plays like a high school theatresports troupe ad-libbing their way through Hamlet having read the play once. It completely misses many of Crichton's best points, and is thoroughly ham-fisted with the few plot elements it retains.

Researchers have found that students too often encounter little bits and pieces of history out of context and unconnected to larger historic themes (1).

Consequently, students don’t develop a sense of historic era and they don’t connect individual events to larger movements and themes (2).

Additional information about using timelines in elementary and college history classrooms is also available on the site.

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